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WHO: Amina Allam
Style Coach, Fashion blogger & Model
I have my own style coaching agency Look By Amina Allam

FROM: I’m half Finnish, half Moroccan and live in Casablanca,

MY STYLE:  I don’t have a specific style, I prefer to  mix
different ones with unexpected colors to create my own style.

BEAUTY SECRET:  I sleep much and drink a lot of water. I use
argan oil daily to hydrate my skin and once a week for my hair.
It does miracles !
FAVORITE  SPRING DESTINATION: I’d love to travel to a
place where I could get my 1st sun tan and a good rest after a
very busy 1st quarter of the year - let’s say The Maldives.

TREND YOU LIKE THE MOST: There are many, but I have a
slight preference for the new holographic effect on both clothes
and accessories. I love the idea of mixing items with holographic
effect  with both pastel and neon colors.
Photo courtesy of Amina Allam
Quizas By Loewe Eau 
de parfum Chanel 
2013 – 
Giuseppe Zanotti 
Crystallized Colorblock 
Slingback Mawi Earrings