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Summer Style; Bright & Bold
By Alyssa DiGirolamo

This summer’s trends are dripping with vitality. Bold colors are bringing the 80’s
back; just a quick trip to your local shopping mall will prove it. Neon hues of pink,
orange, and turquoise are lining the shelves, giving you the opportunity to kick off
the summer with a bang. Summer is the perfect time to try on a brighter shade of
style, since tanned skin perfectly complements vivid colors. Mixing and matching
bold pieces with more subtle ones will keep you in line with this season’s trend.
Take on a turquoise blouse with khaki shorts or a lemon yellow skirt with a light
cropped top.

Prints are also on the market for this summer’s style. Anything goes, from leopard
print to polka dots, and don’t be afraid to skip on the little black dress for something
with a little more edge. Be careful with what prints you mix and match; they are tricky.
Too many prints in one outfit can look chaotic. Since prints typically draw attention
to whatever body part it is on, subtle pieces of your wardrobe, like shorts or shoes,
can bring something extra to your outfit. Styling yourself can be one of your most
fun summer activities, especially with the bold and funky trends in stores this season.

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