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WHO: Ebba Zingmark
          Blogger, Model & Freelance Fashion Journalist

FROM: Umeå, Sweden now based in Berlin

MY STYLE:  Androgynous, playful, sporty with a hint of Scandinavian

BEAUTY SECRET: Looots of Sleep!

FAVORITE  WINTER DESTINATION: My family’s cottage by the
sea back home in Umeå.

  multiple layers always keeps you warm at the same time as it makes
   your outfit look interesting.
 - Pastels! It really make these dark months a little brighter.
 - Tomboy-ish looks. I’m such a sucker for big androgynous coats
    combined with boots and hats.
Carin Wester REVA off white Jacket
Back Logo Tote
- Pink tint
Lekker Sportief
Women’s Bike
A small tattoo that reminds
me of the huge forests of
the north of Sweden :)
Nike Roshe
Stella McCartney
Oversized Cat
Eye Sunglasses