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Photo by Isabelle Felix
Missy 3 Shoes
I am crazy about the pretty and romantic "old pink"
jacket by Isabel MARRANT
A Guerlain Terracota
for blondes – never
go out
without it.
I love the small flap
Chanel bags, beige or
old pink. It’s timeless
Dark circle
WHO: Emmanuelle CHOUSSY,
           French Fashion & Press photographer

FROM: Toulouse, France but living in Los Angeles since 2011

MY STYLE:  Different each week : trendy-business, vintage, classic.

BEAUTY SECRET: Clean Eating and a smile!

STYLE TIPS: Invest in an outfit where when you look in the mirror
your inner heart says "yes, you are a major babe!" then wear it as
much as possible.

‘les Landes’ : a wild coast, big beaches, a particular atmosphere that
reminds me my Dad.

SUMMER TREND YOU LIKE THE MOST:The vintage swimsuits, like
the Red Velvet Swim ones (
I love the swimsuit tops that you can wear at the end of the day, for a drink,
with a classy jean (

STYLE TIPS:  Always  wear what your intuition recommends you. Never
forget a simple nice black dress when you go to the beach, even if it’s only for
2 nights, you never know, it’s easy to customize (a silk scarf, red lips) and it
will fit with most of your little summer shoes. Try to match denim (jean, short,
jacket) with flashy colors or different fabrics, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Add an elegant black dress, I always like LE DESSEIN by Designer Eric
COLYN’s design. Never buy shoes if you KNOW that they will hurt you : even
if they are wonderful, super trendy or in sale : there is nothing worse than
seeing a girl who suffers when she walks