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Nail Polish Colors
Nail Polish Colors for Spring 2017
Florals are always in for spring. With flowers blooming all around us, it makes sense to go with nature.
Here are the new florals we’re currently obsessed with, just add a touch of 70’s.
Flower Power
Cynthia Rowley
floral Printed
Corduroy Pant
available here.
Seafarer Penelope
Floral Flare Jeans
available here
Gucci Floral-print
Silk-georgette Mini
Dress available here.
Patricia Nash
Denim Fields
Collection Floral
available here.
Coach Mercer
Floral Print Polished
Pebble Leather
available here
Paco Gil Embroidered
Floral Boots
available here.
Alice + Olivia
Melrose Round Floral
available here.