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Little Pink Dresses
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Fashion + Music = FRENDS

   adies, get your style tuned up! FRENDS has embarked
on a journey into discovering the relationship between
women and electronics. Now we laugh that women used
to wear men's headphones! The famous manufacturer
has wide selection for music loving fashionistas to choose
from. The Layla, Taylor and Ella have to be our favorites!

The moment we've been waiting for a pair of headphones
that compliment any outfit, Layla. The stylish headphones
are leather-wrapped and drenched in rose gold. They are
just as beautiful as the sounds that comes out of them.
The three-button mic with volume, music and phone
controls makes the headphones perfect for any electronic
function. They are gorgeous enough to add a hint of
classic beauty to any look while fulfilling your electronic

And just when we thought nothing could downplay Layla,
along came Taylor! It is a larger version of the Layla and
just as fabulous. The light cushion makes them super
comfortable and fit perfectly over the ears. But don't be
overwhelmed by their size. They can be folded to fit into
the free travel bag that comes with it. These pair perfectly
with slouchy boyfriends jeans and a pair of comfy heels
for a chic airport look! 

Whoever said big things come in small packages must have
been referring to the Ella. They are great little headphones
that are like jewelry accents for your ear! But don't underes-
timate their tininess their booming sound is just as bold as
their look. We suggest these cuties for our adventurous
music lovers that love to get active! Their perfect fit make
them the ideal accessory for a busy day in the streets. 

If you're a fashion savvy, music enthusiast stop searching for an alternative to male headphones and start
shopping at! You'll never get complimented more on your accessories until you purchase these impressive things!
By: Ciara Ward