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Put a GRIN On Your Face

     ime has caused your favorite gold necklace to turn
bronze. Has the last charm on your bracelet fallen off?
Is it impossible to locate the watch you lost last week? You're 
having bad luck with jewelry and we understand that it is 
difficult to smile. That is until Anne Gedeon created GRIN 
and turned that frown upside down! 

The juxtaposition of the old versus the new & the modern 

versus the conventional, inspired Anne to begin designing
Jewelry. Her passion for jewelry art transformed her vision into
a bustling business. She is now a successful jewelry designer
at  and her 'bold-chic' statement pieces will
have you grinning from ear to ear! 

Customarily, each piece is a one-of-a kind. The brand has two
lines - The GRINlite line which is the hand-made fun & quirky
Collection - representing mainly Anne's signature 'Jelly line'
(jewelry made of silicone).  These pieces are all hand crafted
with care in Anne's Singapore atelier. She also launched the
GRINchic line which comprises of the chunkier, rose & gold
plated statement pieces. 'NekART', 'HandART' & 'EarART' .
These designs are usually more exquisite & left for a special

Her exclusive capsule collections are yearned for as jewelry
takes the form of art. Stylistas have a wide variety of gems, 
semi-prescious stones and crafty materials to choose from.
Anne's designs have included leather, fresh water pearls, 
silicone, felt, swarovski, thread, stone, gold, silver, and antique
ornaments (even paint!). Buyers can bank on each item being
a novel conversation piece that always tends to make one

What are you waiting for? "Life is too short to wear boring
Jewelry!" Find her line in Singapore, Spain, Dubai. Abu Dhabi, 
Beirut, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & the Maldives! Contact GRIN by
Anne Gedeon on Facebook or send her a tweet, 
@GRINbyAGedeon for your exclusive jewels!  And don’t
forget to follow her on Instagram and Tumblr.

By: Ciara Ward