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Matthew Bragonier
Travis Burns
Igee O
Igee Okafor
Who: My name is Igee Okafor and I am a Menswear & Lifestyle Blogger/ Style Enthusiast

From:  New York, New York.

My Style: Clean & Sharp. I like to describe my style as straight forward and simplistic.
Occasionally, I enjoy branching out of those characteristics but generally; I enjoy putting on
a look that is pulled together. Very clean and sharp. Spring trend I like : I do not really keep
up with trends.

Style Tips for men: There are so many style tips I could give but I would say the most
important one is to be conscious of clothes being fitted for your particular body physique.

Spring Trend: Yellow Ensembles and The Stan Smith Adidas Sneakers.

Must Have: Basic essential pieces in black and white. These essential pieces range from
Blazers, and T Shirts, to Trousers and Shoes.

Igee Okafor