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5 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Needs
Must-Have Jewelry
Women’s jewelry arrives in a host of different styles, fit, variations and more, which makes it increasingly difficult to purchase the perfect piece. There is
no need to waste your money on fast fashion items, especially as on-trend pieces will most likely always be available for you to purchase at any point and
of course, any price. To help you add to your jewelry collection, we’ve come up with some jewelry pieces that every lady should have.

The Dainty/ Delicate Necklace

The delicate necklace is one of the most trusted and reliable pieces of jewelry. As it can seamlessly blend into all your outfits, it’s there for those
luxurious, formal and even casual occasions. With dainty necklaces, you’ll find that they be worn and still look good with a t-shirt as they can with a dress.
By Roman Winter
PARK AND BUZZ Mini Metal Necklace
Stud Earrings

A classic, yet pretty pair of stud earrings can help you look fabulous, especially when they are worn right. Whether you are into stud earrings or not,
every girl needs a pair, especially as it can be the difference between looking fab or drab. Whether you wear them professionally or you choose to
wear it casually, stud earrings are an essential.
TRACY TAYAN Floating Pearl Solitaire Necklace
Charms and Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are definitely for the casual affairs, especially as the charms are often unique to the individual. Charm bracelets can be worn on
their own, so there isn’t a need to purchase all the charms in the world. The charms are available to bring a degree of uniqueness to your jewelry and
your outfit, which is where the a Thomas Sabo charm or a Gucci charm would go a long way.

ICONIC-STYLE Tyler Earrings Rose Gold
ALLUREZ Halo Cushion Opal & Diamond Earrings
THOMAS SABO Blue Karma Bracelet Set
GUCCI Icon charm in rose gold cklace
HOWLING WOLF Turquoise Ring with Triple Band
SHOPWORN Gianni Lazzar 18K White Gold Ring
Rings, Rings & Rings

Whether you are engaged, married or single for that matter, every girl needs a ring on those fingers. There are a host of different styles to choose
from and whether you decide you’d like stackable, vintage, diamond or even delicate rings, there are rings out there for absolutely everyone. Not
only will it add a touch of glamour to your outfit, but rings are also known to make your fingers look longer and slimmer! Experiment with different
types of rings and see how they make you feel and how they look.
Statement Necklace

If you have the dainty necklace that can fit into all of your outfits, you also need the statement piece. Statement necklaces are bold, brave and
scream your personality, which is exactly what you need for those formal and glamorous events. If you want to look the part at an event, the
statement necklace will help you do so at ease.
REVEKA ROSE Black Onyx Water Statement Necklace
OSCAR DE LA RENTA Crystal Statement Necklace