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WHO: Lauren Elaine, Fashion Designer

FROM: Los Angeles, CA

MY STYLE:  Ultra-feminine glamour with a bohemian twist.   
I'm a sucker for dresses, gowns, and anything vintage.  
You'll rarely find me in jeans or pants. And I love color.

BEAUTY SECRET:   My #1 beauty secret is a plant-based
(Vegan) diet. It's amazing how good you feel and look when
you eat well and take care of your body.  In addition to eating
well, I'm an avid sunscreen user.  You'll never catch me
sunbathing- any tan I've got comes from a bottle. I also
NEVER sleep in makeup.               

FAVORITE  FALL DESTINATION: Autumn is my absolute
favorite season of the whole year! My favorite Autumn destination
is definitely Sedona, Arizona.  I love being able to experience
the leaves changing, cooler temperatures, and desert sunsets.
It's also just south of the Grand Canyon- another favorite

TREND YOU LIKE THE MOST: Textures and colors! I'm loving
the current popularity of lace, embellishments, and  rich hues like
colbalt blue and emerald green.  I'm also a big fan of gold and
metallics - especially with accents on fall shoes and handbags.
Photo courtesy of Lauren Elaine
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