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Happy Hearts New York Fashion Week Fall 2013
Sneak Preview
With New York Fashion Week around the corner, we asked some of our favorite designers to share
their inspiration and sketches from their Fall 2013 collections.  So here’s a sneak preview for you!
Check out the illustration by designer Timo Weiland, his inspiration is “Baroque Military” and “On
leave for the weekend.” We can’t wait to see his full collection! The second sketch is by designer
Rafael Cennamo. His inspiration is “24 Karat” now that’s pure gold!
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Beauty & the Brow
Black & White
Eye Brows
Happy Hearts
Timo Weiland Rafael Cennamo Spring 2013: Black & White
Here’s another sketch by Nicole Miller. The collection inspiration is "Girls who dress like boys –
the timeless tomboy."
Nomad Chic
The Wanderer
Valentine Style
Valentine Style