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presents Ozlana SS19 at NYFW  
Photos by: Jonathan Lapada
Australian brand Ozlana presented their much-anticipated new
collection DREAM STILL____ at New York Fashion Week. An
edgy yet romantic take on street couture, the new collection
highlighted their experimental textiles, quality fabrics, and sustainable
artisan techniques.

The mood at the runway was serene, with a naturalistic set design
featuring dried wildflowers and pampas grass, soft fur overlays,
and lightweight cloud props hanging from the air, illuminated in soft
hues. The sound of chirping birds and projected moving scenes of
waves and stars created an immersive experience, as if within nature,
in the heart of midtown New York.

DREAM STILL____ translates a tale of nostalgia as a woman builds
her life in the city, recalling her beautiful countryside youth, and
lapsing into a sweet recollection of what has been. Presenting an
All Seasons collection, and subverting the traditional fashion
calendar, OZLANA brings a new moment to their audience,
combining highly wearable, practical fashion with an idealistic,
dreamy mood.