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WHO: Scarlett Alvarado
Law graduate, aspiring fashion designer and writer/blogger
at  TrendsVIP

FROM: Barranquilla, Colombia (Just like Sofia Vergara and Shakira = D)

MY STYLE:  A bit of everything as long as it looks chic, sometimes
classic, sometimes adventurous, and making use of trends. I don´t shy
away from trying a lot of different combinations to get a look which has
not only some of the elements just mentioned but also represents
something uniquely me.

BEAUTY SECRET: Good amount of sleep and work out routine along with
a decent diet, although I profess that I like to indulge in the odd junk
food meal here and there, if you’re disciplined throughout the day you can
fit in a cheat meal somewhere!            

FAVORITE  AUTUMN DESTINATION: definitely New York, there is
just something special about Manhattan in the colder months, especially
uptown and central park. I also like Sydney and Buenos Aires as they have
their special Autumn charms in certain parts of the cities, like Recoleta
in Buenos Aires and maybe surprisingly for some I love the Sydney beaches
during the colder, less sunny parts of the year, nice for jogging and walks.

TREND YOU LIKE THE MOST: They say fall season is the best for
fashionistas, you can use coats, boots, gloves,  everything that looks
glamorous, I particularly  love trench coats, boots, and leather clothes,
and for this fall some red tartan items are a must have.

STYLE TIPS: Less is more!  If you´re going to show skin pick either the
cleavage or legs but not both in tandem and lastly not all fashions match
your style so just try what best suits you.
Photo courtesy of Scarlett Alvarado
Burberry trench coat Rag & Bone washed
Leather and crepe