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Diana Vreeland, the renowned fashion editor who worked for Harpers
Bazaar and Vogue for over fifty years, once said, “You can see the
approaching revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything
in clothes.” Vreeland understood that fashion, like all art, can
capture ideas, inspire rebellions, and start cultural movements.  To
those who are seriously interested in the fashion industry, Teri
Agins’s fatalistic expose The End of Fashion beckons. Agins has
worked on the fashion section of the Wall Street Journal for twenty
years, studying trends since the early nineties. In seven well
researched essays, she observes the fashion world from a business
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Great Fashion Books

We gathered 25 great fashion jewelries from the worlds amazing
designers both new and established. From Bounkit’s gorgeous
purple necklace to Calinana’s one of a kind bracelets, Laura
James’ vintage inspired collections, Joanna Morgan’s one of a kind
ring and Dannijo’s exquisite pieces in the worlds most vibrant
stones. This collectiion will surely inspire you.

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great fashion jewelries great fashion jewelries Photos by Mark Wills   © 2012  All rights reserved.

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