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Raoul 2014 Presentation
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Little Blue Dresses
Fashion Week Preview
Little Blue Dresses advertisement dresses. tops. skirts www.caelinyc.com Fashion Week Preview Pamella Roland
Although there is still some snow on the ground and probably a bit more to come, spring is
slowly approaching. Sure the warm weather is tons to be excited about but what’s more
exciting than the warm rays of the sun and fresh blooming flowers? The fashion that comes
a long with it! If you’re a regular at the mall then you have probably noticed just about every
Retail Company has changed their windows in preparation for the spring. It may seem a little
early but the earlier the better, for you, to be caught up on the latest trends.

One thing to be certain about this spring is pastels. Think Easter.  That’s right the pale
yellows, purples and pinks are taking over this spring in all forms. The light colors can be
found in just about any style from blazers, and dresses, to tanks and tees. As the weather
begins to heat up, soft swatches like minty green will keep you cool. The great thing about
pastels is, no matter what color you decide to wear you can always pair it up with either white
bottoms or vice versa.  
Spring Sensations
Fashion Rooftop Trends
By: Maritza Velasco
What else can we look forward to this spring? Well it seems as if the low-heeled pump, also
known as the kitten heel, is making a purring comeback from the ‘80s.  For those of you who
aren’t familiar, the kitten heel is a shoe sitting on a short slim heel usually from 1-3 inches.
Need a pair in your closet? An inexpensive pair can be found at any Forever21 or H&M for
anywhere between 20 to 50 bucks. If you’re looking for designer you can certainly find a
trendy pair from ManoloBlahnik or Giuseppe Zanotti ranging from 500 to 800 dollars. Time
to practice that kitten walk ladies.
Collard shirts seem to be turning heads for the up coming season and not just for men. It
seems as though ladies will get a turn to sport the collard shirt with bold cuffs this spring.
As seen year after year in men’s fashion, the collard shirt is always a go to when all else fails.
This season a twist is put on things when bold patterns are paired with a thick collar and cuffs
usually made of a different print to add some change in color. I guess we can stop shopping
our boyfriend’s closet…for now.
Don’t end your shopping list just yet. Bell skirts seem to be the new sensation following
after the almighty pencil skirt. This skirt can vary in length but overall should fall somewhere
below the knee’s. Scandal Actress, Kerry Washington was spotted wearing a long black version
designed by Prada at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards. The skirt usually is taken in very
narrow at the top suggesting that it should be worn high waisted. Start stocking up that closet,
spring is on its way!