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Essentials to Pack for a Weekend Away!
By Amelia Morgan
It can all vary on where you are going to, but there are some essentials you should always pack for a weekend away, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!
Whether you’re away water skiing, a city getaway or laying on a beach, here’s a look at the essentials to take away for an enjoyable holiday!

Regardless of the temperature outside, if you’re staying in a nice hotel, there’s likely going to be a pool or Jacuzzi to relax in. A bikini doesn’t take up much
room in your luggage and if you want an hour to relax while you’re away, having a swimsuit can make a big difference.
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Backpack/ Handbag

Having somewhere to store your daily essentials is always beneficial for a day of exploring. Being able to keep your ID, money and other products on your
bag means you’ll feel a lot better leaving your accommodation. If you’re exploring somewhere unfamiliar, buying a small lock for your bag will ensure
your possessions are safe while you’re exploring.
Comfortable Shoes

As lovely as it is to get dressed up, taking some comfortable shoes or trainers is always a priority on holiday. People tend to buy new clothes and shoes for
holidays, and if the new shoes turn out not to be as wearable as expected, you’ll be thanking this article when your feet are sore and you’ve got a pair of
soft trainers to put on!
Underwear/ Loungewear

Loungewear is always a good idea for roaming around your accommodation in, rather than wearing out your nice clothes to head to the local shop or nip to
your friend's room. If you’re potentially going away with your partner, taking some seductive lingerie in your luggage is sure to surprise your partner.
Alternatively, if it’s not the sort of getaway, taking spare underwear is always a good idea if you’re unsure of what is going to occur throughout your weekend!

If you’re an optimist, you might be hoping that the hotel is going to provide you with the essentials for getting ready in the morning, but sadly this sometimes
isn’t the case. Even if it's just small sets, toothpaste, shower gel, and shampoo are all a must for any trip, but thinking about sun cream makeup wipes and
maybe some pain relief might also come in handy.
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Bonus Tip

Overpacking is a common occurrence during a weekend getaway, and merely asking “will I need that” might be able to filter out some items you were
thinking about taking. Multiple layers, multiple jeans and electricals can be the common excess baggage items. It’s not always the worst thing to over pack,
but if your journey includes a flight it could become an issue.
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Amelia Morgan is a freelance writer that focuses on fashion trends, lifestyle tips and sports. She enjoys researching and identifying new styles
and writing about them daily. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing fiction and playing netball.
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