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AC House
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Women are Power
Black carpet event to support homeless women of NYC
High profile players of the fashion and corporate
industries banded together to help homeless women in
New York City. FTL Moda one of the best producers of
fashion shows and events of the highest caliber hosted
the Annual Black Carpet event to benefit
One City Mission,  a street mission of hope and
friendship for beggars, street vendors, storekeepers,
and commuters. When Ilaria Niccolini, founder of
FTL Moda volunteered to serve the homeless people
of NYC with his friend Salvatore Snaiderbaur of One
City Mission she saw a different kind of beauty from
the visual beauty that surrounds her every day, a
beauty that emanates from the inside and the
strength of the homeless women they are serving.
Promperu, Delta Air Lines, Samsung Electronics
America, Fashion Week Online, Modemonline, are
among the generous partners that offered their
support for the kick-off event. A gorgeous crowd of
top models and high-profile talents of the fashion
and entertainmentindustries were in attendance to
support Women Are Power.
By Claire Burroughs Perez